IKAF Technologies is a registered company owed wholly and operated by Ghanaians. It is incorporated under the code 1963, act 157, on the 6th day of June, 2006. The Company is authorized under the code to undertake Information Communication and Technology (ICT) services and other project management activities.

The company is led by dynamic and talented team who have had numerous experiences in the field of ICT and project management in the space of the financial institutions. With these abilities, IKAF Technologies is ready to serve the needs of our clients to their total satisfaction as we believe that the satisfaction of our client is the true testimony of our abilities.

We believe that though we are a young company, the expertise of our staff drawn from years of experience, dedication, project delivery and problem solving abilities endure to the benefit of our clients evidenced through the works executed so far and the satisfactions expressed by clients.


IKAF primary focus is to provide comprehensive range of electronic solutions and software implementation services for industries. Its operations are currently centered in Accra Ghana and Nairobi Kenya, but committed to undertake project worldwide with a special focus on the financial industry.


In our quest to positioning ourselves as one of the best Electronic Solutions Service Providers in the market, our key objectives are:  To provide to clients implementation services across multiple delivery channels such as from branch ATM and call center to internet and mobile across multiple devices to help maximize our client’s relationship with their customers.  To offer client effective business solutions through mobile bearer channels like Short Message Services (SMS), USSD, Mobile Data, electronic cash mobilization, etc.


Our Core values are based on the following corporate principles:
 Customer Satisfaction
 Employee Cooperation
 Successful Management
 Grow Transaction Volumes
 Optimize retail agent coverage
 Grow client base
 Grow existing and develop new services
 Expand geographic coverage


To be at the pinnacle in the (ICT) industry, delivering works that exceed the expectation of clients whiles at the same time maximizing returns for investors.


To Install and maintain quality but affordable Systems that meets all requirements and gives the clients maximum satisfaction, whiles remaining focused on achieving organizational growth through the constant improvement of all labour force on whose expertise we constantly rely.

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