1. USSD & SMS Gateway

Our robust and dedicated SMS Gateway accessible over HTTP/S, SMPP, API and SOAP which allows simple bulk SMS messaging. Our user friendly messaging tools also allows businesses to deliver single or bulk SMS messages securely, reliably and instantly to any mobile device with SMS capabilities anywhere Banks, insurance, government and other corporate institutions all over the world are harnessing the power of these SMS technologies. Our Corporate SMS Solutions consist of; • SMS Alerts
• SMS Marketing
• Bulk SMS and
• Third-party SMS Integration
2. eCash Mobilization

A customized electronic Cash mobilization solution ideally for the Micro finance sector mainly for field cash collection and deposits as well as for Loan Instalment Repayment in the field. The solution resides on the mobile phone handset or POS terminal of the user (i.e. Susu Officer) which aid deposit mobilization electronically; by collecting deposit transaction details in the field and transmitting same online in real-time using encrypted HTTPS packets from ISO 8583 switch to client’s core banking system. The solution is applicable to any type of core banking.

3. i-SMS – T24

i-SMS is pre-integrated with T24 and supports most releases, nevertheless it’s a core banking system agnostic and has been connected to multiple information systems of both financial institutions and industry.
It has also been connected to T24 CBS (versions R08 to R12 as well as GLOBUS G13).
The application can integrate and manage operations of different instances of T24 on the same installation to retrieve both financial and nonfinancial information from the various T24 instances which it parse to i-Gate (IKAF SMS Gateway) for messages construction using predefined (and Configurable) template before sending the message to customers via either SMS or Email at the scheduled time or in near real-time.
The subscription module allows for the enrolment of the types of notifications via T24 customer records version and allows for choice in enrolment (e.g. Balance Notification, Online transactions, Marketing) as well as the delivery Mode (SMS or Email).
The in-built charge module allows for the configuration of the services fee by defining, for each,
the related operations and cost: it is possible to offer a basic and free service and additional services at a fee or a combination of both, indicating the relevant cost as well as when charges are to be effected on customer accounts.

4. I-Switch

Our I-Switch solution allow banks to communicate between their core banking system and alternate banking channels. This I-Switch Solution is fast and gives a real time feedback which makes transaction seamless to your customers.
I-switch is a switch routing engine that allows an institution to accept incoming messages in any given format, process them and either respond to them or forward them to the designated host.
The i-Switch uses superior middle ware that enables it to handle all the electronic delivery channels.
It supports multilingual ATM screens and has multicurrency capabilities. The back office of i-Switch generates a host of daily reports for management usage include monitoring of-the-day transactions.
It can issue and authorize magnetic strips and electromagnetic wave compliant cards, it has features that make it highly flexible and scalable to very high transactions and also does a host of activities like manage stored-value cards or prepaid cards, mobile top-ups and connect to other Point of Sale (POS) networks.

5. iMobile & Internet Banking

iMobile banking provides greater convenience to existing customers and brings the un-banked within reach. IKAF Mobile Phone Banking Solution can offer you a quick to market and easy to use solution that will increase your outreach.

IKAF iMobile & Internet Banking solution offers:

o Secure account opening and management
o Highly scalable solution that can grow with your needs
o Quick time to market and easy integration to your existing systems
o Compatibility with all mobile devices and networks
o Multiple channel access via SMS, USSD and mobile web browsers
o IKAF Mobile Banking offers a wide range of functionality, allowing customers banking requirements to be met at their own convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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